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Burnt Toast Bicycle Club 
Where Cycling Meets Adventure!

Welcome to Burnt Toast Bicycle Club, the epitome of unconventional cycling. Based in London but with a global reach, we're not just a club; we're a movement that redefines the cycling experience.


🌟 Who We Are: We're not your typical cycling club. We're the rebels, the adventurers, and the free spirits of the cycling world. Burnt Toast Bicycle Club is your escape from the mundane, where cycling is about freedom, not rules. We've proudly declined the UCI's invitation and stand independently from British Cycling. If you're passionate about the thrill of the ride, you've found your tribe.


🚴‍♀️ Our Philosophy: Our essence is captured in the spirit of adventure. We're the embodiment of those carefree days when you hopped on your bike with friends and explored the unknown. Burnt Toast Bicycle Club is a vibrant community of enthusiasts who plan exhilarating routes, discover uncharted territories, and celebrate the sheer joy of cycling.


🌄 Embrace the Journey: We're committed to forging our own path, and we invite you to join us. From ultra-distance cycling to bikepacking expeditions, Mountain bike blasts, quick city fixie rides, or in-depth product, and route reviews, we're all about the alternative cycling lifestyle.


🔥 Join the Revolution: Ready to ride with us? As cool as they come? Membership is absolutely free. Subscribe, become a member on our site, and join us on our rides. It's not about excluding; it's about preserving our unique spirit. And stay tuned! Burnt Toast Bicycle Club is expanding into the world of cycling apparel, where style meets adventure. Join Burnt Toast Bicycle Club today and redefine your cycling journey!


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