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Updated: Feb 9, 2023

What’s this Burnt Toast Bicycle Club all about then?

Well, much like you, me the narrator of this article, the voice currently residing in your head as your eyes dance merrily along these lines of text, doesn’t have much of an idea. Me, the person typing, not you the reader that has me inside their head narrating this current story of metaphysical madness, think that the BTBC might possibly be a utopian upland of all things celebratory of our wonderful, and sometimes slightly mad world of cycling.

I suppose the formulation of the burnt toast bicycle club is, as we go through this story together, slowly coming into an embryonic state of being. The very concept of an idea of what the BTBC is actually going to be. That me, your narrator, is working it all out as I type along, pouring my small and void ridden mind into this empty page, even though “pages” long ago ceased to exist and have long since been replaced by the hypnotic glow of a computer screen and tipity tap of keys on a keyboard.

Can it be a IRL bicycle club, like in actuality? Where people come together as members? Where there are organised rides, socials, committees, and inevitably… bureaucracy! Maybe, but I’m just one person, even though I’m definitely convinced that there’s two of us in my head, and we both have a strong suspicion, due to the overwhelming smell of nail polish and discarded lipsticks we find laying around, that there’s also a third, called Tanya Buttocks, originating from Soho miming away to GaGa lurking somewhere back there.

Maybe it’s a blog, but blogs are old fashioned now aren’t they? They certainly feel that way to me, but again, I’m only me and I’ve already clued you into the fact that I know very little… Hold on…

So dear reader, you won’t have seen me wonder off and do a little research on this blog thing, I found this site - - It’s quite a comprehensive overview of blog stats in 2023… Already? It’s only February! I like the idea of a blog, as a blogger you can communicate a lot, as a reader, you can take your time… and we can both have a blast and laugh in the face of traditional media. However, there’s quite a lot of competition, some 572 million blogs are already out there vying for everyones attention. But what if I wanted to make a film?

Maybe it’s a place to make films and share them. I love making films, I really do. It’s a big passion of mine and I love telling a story, but I’m not great at it. With films you can take your time drawing out the narrative of something, asking the viewer to critique a special something that’s attracted the attention of the filmmaker. There’s lots of planning, filming and editing involved, and I do enjoy all of that process. But what if I wanted to share important photographs…?

Maybe its a place to share immaculate, stunning and important photography wot I make… Along with the film thing I also do the photo thing too, and for similar enjoyment reasons. You can capture a story in a still image, and I love being able to do that, waiting for the perfect moment to come along. Blah blah blah. I boring myself now.

Maybe it could be a podcast… A pod… cast… Where people sit down and talk about things?

Maybe it's all of the above. Maybe it can be a hub of everything, like a zine but more than a zine, I dunno, what even is a zine these days? That’s what it could be a digital cycling hub zine thingy. Just stick around and find out. I’m almost certain there’ll be something that you find interesting,

Signing off,

your narrator

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